BNS 509: How Do We Fix the Old, Broken Libertarian Messaging? (Brian Nichols on In Liberty & Health)

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On today’s episode, I joined Kyle Matovcik over on his program, “In Liberty and Health”. We covered a TON of topics (like my weight loss, my move from Philly, and more!), but we spent a vast majority of our time focusing on fixing our old, broken libertarian messaging.

Are we up for the task?

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“The voter doesn’t want to hear what it means to be a libertarian. Why? Because they don’t care.

Why should they care? What does it mean to them – what being a libertarian means to us?

What they want to see is (and what we should be showing is), what do the libertarian ideas mean, for me, as it pertains to the political process. We have done a terrible job in being able to connect the dots. What we’ve done is we say, “look at this book, it’s amazing. It’s got all the amazing answers to life’s problems. And it’s all right here. And all you have to do is you have to read this book, and then another one, and another one, and another one.”

And we good idea, people with death, instead of saying, “Hey, I noticed that while you were at the grocery store, today, you are complaining about how the grocery cart isn’t as full as it used to be, when you’re putting $100 worth of food in into the cart? Well, maybe we can talk about how we got here, right? I mean, would that be something you’d be open to discussing?”, and then all of a sudden, you’re talking about something that’s real to them. And then you can start to position a libertarian solution.”

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