BHOL 248: Recorder Candidates; Saunders & Loveless; Expo & Sports Park Getting funded?

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Episode 248 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out! 

The candidate series continues, as sponsored by Weiland’s Flowers, Big Bounce, and the Slick Pickle. Jeremiah Morrell and Zach Burcham are here to talk to the Henry County GOP Recorder candidates. Lisa Loveless and Andrew Saunders are seeking the open seat. We learn exactly what the Recorder does, how it affects our lives, and if they might open the office up on Mondays? Conversation also gets into the ways office holders interact with the public, and not always directly related to the job they do.

It’s also been a big week in local government, revolving around food and beverage taxes. Updates around the Henry County Expo Center and the City Sports Facility that is now going to be a non for profit.

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