BHOL 13: Boats, Bugs, Flushing, and Trump GIFS – Near Death experiences

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are joined by Jesse Riddle on the 13th episode of Boss Hog of Liberty Podcast. They review the “fishing” trip that Dakota and Jeremiah took on the White River in Indianapolis over the July 4th holiday. Let’s just say they are both happy to have survived.

Jesse Riddle hates the mosquitoes at Jeremiah’s house, so he has undertaken a plan to eradicate them. Fans and screens litter Jeremiah’s yard, and the constant hum of fans is present in the background as Jesse’s masterpiece is put to the test.

We discuss if it is safe to flush the toilet at Jeremiahs. A recent news story has detailed an issue with the sewer system in his neighborhood, and the panel discusses what should happen to fix it. Is it a city issue? County issue? Homeowner’s problem? Should anything be done at all?

Finally, they discuss the CNN tweet by POTUS and wonder if anyone can put the GIF back in the bottle.

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