BHOL 14: Darrin Jacobs & Travis Weik – Birthdays, Small Town Government, and Newspapers

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Jeremiah Morrell and Dakota Davis are back for another episode of the Boss Hog of Liberty. They discuss Jeremiah’s birthday celebration, Jeremiah finally found the price point that made him cut his cable subscription, so he is a cord cutter now.

Darrin Jacobs finally makes his long awaited appearance on the program. Darrin is a former county chairman in the Democrat Party, a former candidate for the Henry County Council, the President of the Spiceland Indiana town council, and his day job is the Zoning Administrator for Henry County. In spite of this list of accomplishments, he agreed to join the show. In the process he might have ruined Christmas for everyone.

Finally, Travis Weik a local newspaper reporter, owner of Saved Games Library & Shop, and former Henry County Libertarian Party Chairman makes an appearance as well. Travis is very late to the program and a massive distraction. We are pretty sure the audience will fall in love immediately.
Travis is also a member of the National Guard and is getting ready to play Army for the next month.

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