Lenz: He Shall From Time To Time

Last night President Obama delivered the State of the Union. After watching his address I felt the President’s address was optimistic, obstinate, and purposely omitting any reforms to the major crises we face. I will give the President credit where credit is due. His address was optimistic in tone. He stuck to positive themes and […]

State of the Union Rumors Update

Earlier today We Are Libertarians posted the following via Facebook and Twitter: “As an exercise in executive superiority President Obama is expected to hold a ‘Pre-State of the Union’ Address where he will brag about his own punctuality. ‘Yeah, I saw Congress on my way in, but they were moving too slow, so I just […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 353

Ben Bullard reports on just how easy it is for our representatives can spend $1.1 trillion without even reading the bill: http://personalliberty.com/2014/01/20/here-are-the-republicans-who-helped-pass-the-1-1-trillion-spending-bill/ Pelosi’s past statements about the cupboard being bare sound kind of hollow, don’t they? Here’s a list of 359 representatives that need to go: http://www.heritageactionscorecard.com/votes/vote/h21-2014 http://www.conservativehq.com/node/16062 You can’t justify a yes vote without […]

Guest Post: What Is Voluntaryism?

Voluntaryism is the philosophy that one becomes an advocate for when he or she learns to apply the Non-Aggression Principle and its doctrine of Equal Liberty consistently. It has nothing to do with the choices an individual makes, as long as that choice is consistent with the aforementioned principle and doctrine. Voluntaryism is not a political philosophy, […]

The Sheetz Report: Business & Politics, Issue 352

What happened to the company that used to have the motto “do no evil” (Google): http://politicaloutcast.com/2014/01/googlensa-web-gets-tangled/#! I predict they will be THE prime supplier of metadata to the NSA within 2 years.  Heck, they might already be. At the rate they are buying robotic companies and hiring ex-DARPA people, they might also be one of […]

Guest Post – Private Police: A Note

Editor’s Note: We were recently asked (on Facebook), “How does one go about privatizing the police?” This question was asked by Devendra Singh, on January 20th. To guarantee a great response I turned to our friend Walter Block; whose very email signature reads, “If it moves, privatize it!” Professor Block was kind enough to send […]