BNS 131: Is Austin Petersen Voting for Trump? -with Austin Petersen

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The past few weeks have changed the entire tenor of the 2020 election. In what was shaping to be landslide victory for Biden, an air of uncertainty has taken hold of the political winds, as ANTIFA and violent rioter and looters take to the streets of Americas largest cities, causing massive mayhem and destruction.

These mobs have gotten more aggressive in recent weeks, with shootings taking place on the regular. Senator Rand Paul and his wife were assailed by a mob while walking back to their hotel from the White House, despite Rand Paul being one of Black Lives Matter’s best allies on the right.

It was this final act that started to change the minds of voters who were considering the Libertarian candidate in Dr. Jo Jorgensen as an alternative to Trump vs. Biden, with one such voter being that of Austin Petersen!

Austin joins the show to discuss the shift he has experienced over the past few weeks in response to the riots/Paul’s being harassed, and why, yes, he’s seriously considering voting for Donald Trump.

Tune in to learn why he’s reconsidering!

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