BNS 130: The Riots and their Lasting Damage -with Brad Polumbo

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With the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, the Black Lives Matter movement received a much needed added boost back into the national conversation in recent months.

However, as peaceful protests have more recently been descending into rioting and looting at the hands of bad actors who are co-opting the BLM movement (like ANTIFA, looters, etc…), we’ve watched the positive sentiments towards BLM wane, meaning meaningful criminal justice reform is getting more and more difficult.

Joining the program is friend of the show, Brad Polumbo! Brad has been doing great work in digging into economics and criminal justice reform, and today, Brad joins the show to discuss how the riots have not only set predominantly minority communities back by decades, but have truly damage the ability to move forward some substantive criminal justice reform.

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