PP: 10 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Podcast

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Chris Spangle explains why every business needs a podcast as part of its content marketing plan.

  • 1. Land meetings with potential clients you might not otherwise have an opportunity to meet.
  • 2. Build a relationship with potential customers and existing clients in a more intimate medium – It’s more personal than videos or written blogs.
  • 3. Easily break down the complexities of your industry in a fun way
  • 4. Cheap content marketing! – How much does a slick video cost that 150 people will watch on YouTube? 
  • 5. Build authority in your space.
  • 6. Develop your presentation skills.
  • 7. Build a community! 
  • 8. Build online traffic.
  • 9. Use niche interests to talk to the right people.
  • 10. Character-based marketing is more effective than the old model of advertising. 


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