CSS: The Rocky Economics of 2023 with Jack Salmon

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If you’ve noticed the price of eggs lately, then you know that macroeconomics can trickle down into the microeconomics of everyday life. The fed raised interest rates, affecting individuals purchasing big-ticket items with credit. The same applies to the government and how it borrows money to pay the deficit. Jack Salmon unpacks what the future holds for the economic picture of the United States in the short term. 

Jack Salmon is a Young Voices contributor and writer on economics. His commentary has been featured in a variety of outlets, including the Hill, Business Insider, RealClearPolicy, and National Review Online.

How a Decade of Low Interest Rates Fueled Reckless Government Spending – www.nationalreview.com/2022/10/how-a-decade-of-low-interest-rates-fueled-reckless-government-spending/

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