PIL S2:E6 – Abigail Adams Urges America To ‘Remember The Ladies!’

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Behind every great man, there is an equally great woman. At least, so it is said. No matter how accurate it is, this was certainly the case with John and Abigail Adams. Abigail’s constant love, loyalty, friendship, and companionship allowed John to push the nation toward independence at a time when nobody would stand with him. Abigail’s advice would oftentimes go on to shape the history of this nation. Thus, she served as the backbone in more than just the life of John Adams. Abigail was, in many ways, the backbone of the infant American nation.

Just as she continued to advocate for greater equality of the races and sexes to her husband, she served as the leading voice for the liberation of all people in a time when women had hardly a voice in the first place. For these reasons and more, she comfortably sits in history as THE Founding Mother.

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