Paradocs: The Way to Build False Scientific Consensus with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

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Dr. Jay Bhattacharya returns today to further our discussion on the dysfunction within the scientific community around COVID-19. Specifically, we discuss what exactly happened to Dr. Bhattacharya after he co-authored the Great Barrington Declaration where he and two other prominent academicians laid out a case for a more focused protection plan for the elderly than the widely adopted general lockdowns and mandates at the time. Dr. Bhattacharya was not surprised to face opposition to their plan – but the way it formed and by whom did. 

A Government Bureaucratic Cabal?

After the publishing of the GBD, the attack against Dr. Bhattacharya and his co-authors was blistering, numerous, and seemingly coordinated. Those on the outside, and even Dr. Bhattacharya himself, believed that the scorn from media, government, and academia was due to a general disagreement with their position – not a coordinated attack. It turns out that FOIA documents of emails from Drs. Fauci (head of NIAID) and Collins (head of NIH) prove that they worked in tandem to discredit the GBD through their contacts within the scientific, media, and government communities.


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