BNS 481: Know Your Market – And Meet Them Where They’re At (feat. Brian Nichols)

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Focus on those who are in your target market, and then focus on the issues they care about. 

That’s the theme of today’s Morning Sales Huddle on The Brian Nichols Show!

“This is where we’ve missed so badly over the past few years, – we have in, our heads – who our ideal customer is based on what we want them to be,

But not who they actually are.

So if you want to actually meet people where they’re at on the issues they care about, well, good, because that’s going to help lead to positive success.

But if you’re focused on just talking about the things that you want them to care about, and that’s the only thing that you focus on, well, congratulations, you’ll be speaking to a party of one; and that will be you. 

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