Paradocs: Opening the Medical Practice of Your Dreams with Chris Habig

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In survey after survey, the number one satisfier for physicians – by a long way – is their relationship with patients. Anything you can do to improve or deepen that relationship makes the work better and decreases the incidence of burnout. Obviously, barriers put in the way that detract from creating a deeper relationship with patients makes the job of medicine less desirable. One way a lot of doctors have gone is to practice using a direct care model which removes many of the obstacles in place within modern medicine from forming that all important bond with their patients.

Getting Help to Start a DPC Practice

Unfortunately, doctors don’t usually receive training in how to run a business and set up a practice like this. Even if they have heard about direct primary care (DPC) there are a lot of things to overcome to start up. First, they need to understand how the model works and what space, supplies, and equipment they need to begin. Second, they need to find ways of bringing patients in the door which requires marketing and sales. Finally, there is a lot they need to learn as far as running the practice since most of their training probably came in an academic setting or at the very least, an insurance based model for providing care.

That’s where today’s guest, Chris Habig of Freedom Healthworks, comes in. He and his brother started the business initially to help their parents (who are primary care physicians) rekindle their love of medicine. What they’ve built is a company that helps doctors at every stage of the process setup, start, and run a DPC practice. Doctors can use as little or as much of their services as they feel they need but essentially Chris and his team take away a lot of the unknowns and help navigating medicine in this space.

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