Paradocs Episode 158: The COVID Speech We Need

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(The following is a speech I would give if I were allowed to replace the current head of the Presidential task force on COVID-19, Dr. Anthony Fauci. We have had a huge loss of trust in our public health institutions and a change must be made. This is the speech someone needs to make as they replace the current regime which has had a run through two presidential administrations.)

My fellow Americans, it is a great honor to receive this appointment to head the US task force on COVID-19. I want you to realize that I approach this position with great humility recognizing that I can never have enough knowledge and must rely on others to gather the most complete picture on this virus. The fact that this is a new pathogen means that our knowledge is ever-evolving and we must be nimble in our course of action. 

It has been a long and dark 22 months that we have been dealing with this pandemic. SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions world wide. Make no mistake, this virus can be deadly.

Unfortunately, throughout the pandemic’s response, the American people’s trust in public health, modern medicine, and government authorities has eroded significantly. Large swaths of our population no longer trust voices whom they deemed trustworthy just two years ago. This is mostly the fault of those in charge of public health and I seek to reestablish that trust.

Of course, regaining lost trust is not easy. It requires those who were in authority to accept their missteps. It requires a whole profession to admit it was wrong…..

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