Liberty Explained: Do I have to be a “pure” libertarian to join?

Do I have to be “pure” to be a libertarian? Can I be a good enough libertarian? In other words, Is it possible to be more libertarian than another person? Libertarianism isn’t a monolithic or rigid ideology; one doesn’t need to adhere to a “pure” form to identify as a libertarian. It’s a framework for social organization rooted in the belief that individuals cannot organize complex societies, necessitating a reliance on and trust in fellow humans. The path to embracing libertarianism, marked by relinquishing control, varies for individuals, and old beliefs shaped by prevailing political ideologies can influence this journey. While some might be perceived as “more libertarian” due to a deeper philosophical understanding or advocacy for radical solutions, the ideology accommodates diverse perspectives. Figures like Justin Amash, Murray Rothbard, and Ayn Rand exemplify this diversity within libertarianism. Though ideology is a constant measure for political positions, flexibility is integral for libertarian politicians navigating the art of compromise.

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