Liberty Explained: Can the Libertarian Party “win”?

• Well let’s define “win”. Win in the sense of receive the most electoral votes in a national Presidential election? No, there is an infinitesimally small chance the Libertarian candidate beats the Republican or Democratic candidate for President. This race is generally viewed as a marketing tool to explain broader libertarian concepts as a result. The best evidence may be the interest of the listener tuning in because it is a Presidential year.

• This being said, the Libertarian Party’s job at a national level as a minority party is to use its support and voice to impact duopoly party policy in a way that expands individual freedoms and limits government interference.

• From this perspective, there are “wins” to be had in working with both parties. On a local level, any candidate can win an election, and given the old adage “all politics is local” it’s crucial to have

• Liberty-minded candidates on a local level to prove our party’s ability to govern.

• There are many Libertarians serving in government in local races. –

• One other benefit of a third party is the impact of a candidate on the eventual victor. For example, in 2012, when Rupert Boneham ran for Governor of Indiana as Libertarian, one of his platform planks was expanding school choice into vocational training. The eventual victor, Mike Pence, tested the idea, it polled well, and he adopted it and ran campaign commercials on it. As governor, he enacted the policy.

• Do converted Congressmen count as wins? Justin Amash or Laura Ebke? – Any action that expands awareness of the Libertarian movement, and advances our overall goal of Liberty in our Lifetime is a win. Justin & Laura have had an immeasurable positive impact on our party and that goal, and we hope more sitting representatives and Senators, and local government officials, begin to act their conscience and identify with their true ideology in declaring for the Libertarian Party. The more willing to do it, the more publicly acceptable it instantly becomes. Social proof is a powerful concept.

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