Episode 42: Trump: Eating Tide Pods Before It Was Cool

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Did Trump actually suggest injecting bleach to combat COVID-19? Kind of, but not really…he just expresses ideas like a child would.

Topics covered: 

  • The governments Small Business Paycheck Protection Program is being taken advantage of
  • Social Security Will Be Insolvent Even Sooner Than Expected, Thanks to COVID-19 Pandemic.
  • L.A. County Antibody Tests Suggest the Fatality Rate for COVID-19 Is Much Lower Than People Feared 
  • Did Trump Actually Suggest That Injecting Bleach Could Be a Cure for COVID-19? Kind of, but not really
  • CDC COVID-19 Test Contamination Delayed Coronavirus Testing. Was contaminated with Covid-19 
  • Andrew Cuomo battles reporter asking if the measures taken against COVID-19, are worse than the virus itself 
  • 73% of vets support full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan: Poll 
  • Is Kim Jong Un dead? 
  • Sports coming back soon? 

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