CSS: How 1776 Created the Post-Christian West with Andrew Wilson

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Andrew Wilson, author of ‘Remaking the World’, a book that offers a fresh perspective on the year 1776, outlines how this pivotal moment in history shaped the modern post-Christian West. While this year is chiefly remembered for the creation of America, Wilson speaks about the various critical moments and cultural shifts that occurred that year, ultimately shaping our present world. We discuss various topics, such as the impact of industrialization, romanticism, and enlightenment ideals, the evolving role of the church in society, and the importance of understanding history in the contemporary societal context.

Remaking the World: How 1776 Created the Post-Christian West – amzn.to/3NnulqX

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  • 00:00:00 – Remaking the World: How 1776 Created the Postchristian West
  • 00:02:04 – Introduction and Book Review
  • 00:03:59 – The WEIRD Framework
  • 00:06:03 – The Seven Transformations that Shaped the Modern West
  • 00:07:54 – The Meaning of Postchristian
  • 00:09:56 – The Post-Industrial Landscape and Post-Christian Values
  • 00:11:47 – The Influence of Christianity on Values
  • 00:13:35 – The Fusion of Protestant Paganism
  • 00:15:28 – Challenging the Idea of White Supremacy
  • 00:17:29 – Crafting Stories that Encompass Other Narratives
  • 00:19:16 – The Significance of History in the Present Moment
  • 00:21:13 – The Importance of Narrating History
  • 00:22:58 – The Importance of Faithfully Telling History
  • 00:25:07 – Navigating Algorithms and Being Mindful of What we Believe
  • 00:27:06 – Skepticism and Nonpartisan News
  • 00:28:52 – Telling Nuanced Stories
  • 00:30:44 – The Anxiety of Losing Cultural Prestige
  • 00:32:49 – The Cold War’s Influence on American Christianity
  • 00:34:39 – The Church Survives, but it Can be Painful.
  • 00:36:33 – The Strengths of American and Non-American Theology 

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