BNS 792: The Prohibitionists are BACK – Rules, Bans, Killjoys, & Dealing with the FUN POLICE

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They call themselves the “Fun Police” – but are they really just modern-day prohibitionists trying to ruin a good time? In this episode, we expose the truth behind these moral busybodies.

On today’s episode. we’re introduced to the concept of the “Fun Police” – self-appointed guardians of morality who oppose vices and nightlife. We explore how these naysayers have used social media to amplify their message of disapproval and condemnation.

Brian’s guest, Bill Wirtz, explains the history of prohibitionists and temperance movements. We learn how they’ve shifted strategy over time – becoming more lenient on hard drugs but stricter on gambling, vaping, and sugary drinks. Bill argues for a classically liberal approach focused on informed adult consumers.

Brian and Bill debate key issues like advertising, public health advocacy, changing cultural norms, and finding the right balance between freedom and regulation. They discuss the unintended consequences of outright bans and “quasi-prohibition.”

The two share final thoughts on decentralization of policy, leading by example vs. government force, acknowledging harms vs. autonomy, and changing culture through open debate rather than imposition. Bill also invites listeners to check out his podcast series “The Fun Police.

This episode takes a thoughtful look at how we approach vices as a society. It’s an insightful dialogue that raises questions about the role of government, business, community, and personal responsibility when it comes to consumer choice. Give it a listen – you might be surprised at what side you come down on!

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