BNS523: The Art of Influence (How if You’re Winsome, You May Win Some!) (w/ Chris Widener)

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On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Chris Widener joins the program to outline how you can influence others by being winsome… and hey, you may even win some!

“One of the phrases that I coined is that in order to win some, you must be winsome. And, and I really believe that. You can’t be a jerk. 
You know, sometimes, the Bible says to speak the truth in love. And I think that’s a great merger, right? You want to speak the truth, but you want to do it in love. 
Some people, they won’t speak the truth. They say, “I’m not gonna say anything, everybody can do whatever they want to do, I’m not gonna say something’s wrong…” 
And they just love everybody. 
Well, a society of people doesn’t move forward if you just do that. 
But then there’s other people who just speak the truth. And they don’t demonstrate the love, and people’s look at them like, “Wow, well now you’re kind of a jerk.”
You know, speaking the truth in love means considering the other person’s interests and doing it out of helping the other person. But sometimes you need to say something that they’re not necessarily going to like. 
And you know, there’s an old biblical proverb that says, “wounds from a friend can be trusted.” I want people to know that even though it might hurt, you can trust me that I’m saying it, because I believe that it’s the right thing, and it’ll help you out. 
We need to be winsome, you know, the old Ronald Reagan, happy warrior kind of thing. And I just, I think that we would do far better if we could do that.”
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