BNS BONUS: “His Name Was Duncan Lemp” – Brian Nichols on Friends Against Government

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Hey folks! Bonus episode in store for you this week! I had the great fortune of joining our friends, Bird and Car, from the Friends Against Government podcast! Sadly, this week’s episode is on more of a somber note, as I joined them to discuss the sad, infuriating, and ultimately confusing case of Duncan Lemp.

21-year-old Duncan Lemp was shot and killed in a predawn, no-knock raid performed by the Montgomery County (Maryland) Police Department. Please share today’s episode with family and friends to help raise awareness of Duncan’s story.

Friends Against Government Podcast Show Notes:
On this episode of the Friends Against Red Flag Laws and No Knock Raids, we discuss the assassination of 21-year-old Duncan Lemp during a no-knock raid in Montgomery County, Maryland, If you like what you hear, make sure to send us a retweet on Twitter and spread the good word of the FAGcast! — Follow Brian on Twitter! Check out The Brian Nichols Show! Follow us on Twitter! @CarCampIt @birdarchist — Support our friends! Merchandise Buy a liberty mug! Buy our shirt and sticker!

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