BNS 801: Buried in Waste – Using Tech to Dig Our Way Out of the Trash Pileup

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With global waste projected to rise 70% by 2050, we’re facing a trash avalanche of epic proportions. So how do we stop our cities from being buried in waste?

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On this episode of The Brian Nichols Show, Brian digs deep with pioneering waste data expert Electra Coutsoftides, CEO of waste solutions firm X Works, on how data analytics can help propel cities toward a zero-waste future. They explore the overlooked world of global waste trading, where recyclables and waste commodities are imported and exported on a massive scale that will shock you.

Electra explains how the EU is demanding digital passports to track waste origins and destinations. X Works provides software to meet these emerging regulations. Their platform also uses AI to analyze images of waste and identify mismatches between claimed and actual materials. This mitigates illegal dumping by verifying credibility along the supply chain.

A key threat they are combatting is waste trading scams that cost companies huge sums of money. Scammers promise access to waste materials in exchange for large upfront deposits, then disappear with the cash. X Works certification and verification protects traders. This transparency and accountability will be crucial for managing the waste crisis ahead.

Looking locally, Electra discusses X Works partnerships with US logistics firms to bring their waste-tracking solutions stateside. With Brian’s firsthand view of overflowing trash in the streets of Philadelphia, it is clear smart waste policies are needed to avoid drowning in our own waste.

X Works offers a technology-driven path ahead through the trash pileup projected in our collective future. Tune into this eye-opening discussion to learn about the overlooked world of global waste trading and hi-tech solutions that could just dig our cities out of projected trash overload!

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