BNS 791: Cancelling Cancel Culture – How this Baker is Living Her Values Out LOUD

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What does it take to stand up for your rights and keep your business open during government lockdowns? Jen Jacobson Brusa shares her incredible story of grit and overcoming adversity.

Jen started her cheesecake business, Beloved Cheesecakes, in Oregon right before the COVID lockdowns began. As a single mom of 3 boys, she knew she had to stay open to provide for her family. Even as the only business defying lockdown orders in her town, Jen stood firm in her convictions.

Facing backlash but seeing God provide, Jen shared how her business ended up on Fox & Friends. Now, after 4 years, she has moved to a much larger location. Jen explains how letting go of caring what people think and finding freedom through following her values empowered her.

Diving into parenting styles, Jen contrasts indulgent parents doing everything for their kids with her approach of discipline, consequences, and not sheltering her boys from reality. She shares how through God’s faithfulness, her kids have their own strong relationships with Him.

Jen and host Brian Nichols explore how lack of grit and tenacity is a major issue with younger generations today. They discuss the entitlement mentality and need for problem-solving skills versus being handed everything. Jen emphasizes that overcoming challenges grows character and determination.

Want to order amazing cheesecakes yourself? Jen talks about Beloved Cheesecakes’ holiday flavors and nationwide shipping! She also shares where you can find her business on social media to order cheesecakes online!

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