BNS 790: How is TikTok Shaping Gen Z’s Ideology?

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How are Gen Z becoming increasingly progressive and left-leaning? What’s the real impact of social media and how young people form their worldviews today?

In this eye-opening episode, host Brian Nichols digs deep with commentator Olivia Rondeau on the ideological shifts happening with younger generations. They explore how Gen Z are being shaped by social media platforms like TikTok, the emergence of “social death” for dissenting views, and the long-term risks if we don’t course-correct.

Rondeau shares her first-hand experience getting sucked into leftist ideology online as a teen and how she eventually broke out. She contrasts the differences between past and present social media, explaining why today’s algorithms and influences make it far more difficult.

Nichols and Rondeau also discuss constructive solutions, like the need for more nuanced right-wing voices to meet Gen Z where they are. Rondeau emphasizes that conservatives must be better at welcoming those who leave the left and not dismiss them as “unsaveable“.

This vital conversation breaks down all the key factors in generational shifts happening before our eyes. Learn why we urgently need a different approach to counter manipulation and reach young minds more effectively!

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