BNS 781: RFK Jr. & Trump – A Power Ticket Against the Globalists?

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Get ready for a fiery discussion on medical freedom, Big Pharma tyranny, and why RFK Jr. could be the perfect storm in the 2024 presidential election.

Brian Nichols welcomes Kevin Jenkins, an advisor to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., to discuss RFK Jr.’s independent presidential run. They provide context around why RFK Jr. is seen as a major threat to both establishment parties, given his outspoken criticism of the COVID-19 response and refusal to bow to corporate interests.

Jenkins argues RFK Jr. has the courage to fight the globalists and “tell the American people the truth.” He cites examples like RFK Jr’s focus on medical racism, parental rights, border security, and reparations. While not perfect, Jenkins says RFK Jr.’s boldness is waking people up worldwide.

Nichols and Jenkins touch on how RFK Jr. was proven right about COVID-19 vaccines not stopping transmission. They discuss medical apartheid and how RFK Jr. has consistently stood against vaccine mandates. Jenkins argues RFK Jr. “shook up the world” by questioning the official narrative.

Looking ahead to 2024, Jenkins lays out a blueprint for RFK Jr. to win, arguing he must stay hyper-focused on “America First” issues rather than get distracted by consultants. They discuss a potential Trump-Kennedy ticket uniting against the “corporatocracy.”

In the end, both Nichols and Jenkins express optimism that brave leaders like RFK Jr. can help preserve America’s constitutional republic. Jenkins closes with a call to action for all patriots to join the fight by supporting leaders not beholden to the globalists.

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