BNS 769: They Want to DISARM You – Maj Toure’s Urgent Message Every American MUST Hear

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In this jam-packed episode of The Brian Nichols Show, gun rights activist Maj Toure returns to the program to provide key insights into the wins and losses in gun rights legislation across America. He stresses the importance of not letting up – we must continue challenging legislation that infringes on Constitutional rights.

Toure outlines actionable solutions those in restrictive “blue” states can take, emphasizing the need to sue municipalities and states denying gun rights. He also outline specific policies Philadelphia should implement to curb its rising violent crime, including firearms training, licensure accessibility, and addressing root causes like addiction and poverty.

The conversation shifts to effective communication strategies for winning over anti-gun voices. Toure stresses leading with empathy, sharing facts, then developing solutions together. Building relationships is critical.

Toure concludes with the challenges of leading Black Guns Matter, including fundraising. He makes an appeal for 2800 supporters to donate $100 each towards purchasing a permanent building for empowerment programs at GiveSendGo – Solutionary Center: The Leader in Freedom Fundraising.

This wide-ranging discussion provides invaluable insights and strategies for advancing the Second Amendment fight. Don’t miss Maj Toure’s return to The Brian Nichols Show – an enlightening conversation perfect for any gun rights supporter!

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