BNS 768: Biden White House In CRISIS- Is This The Beginning Of The End?

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Is Biden’s presidency unraveling? It’s even worse than that, according to Scotty Saks. According to Scotty, leading military insiders predict Biden’s downfall. But is America ready for what comes next? Buckle up as we analyze Scotty’s take on 3 years of Biden, the disastrous fallout, where we go from here, and how to take our country back.

Brian Nichols welcomes Scotty Saks, a 40-year mainstream media veteran turned whistleblower. He drops bombshells about Peter Jennings and Johnny Cash allegedly exposing media and music as “a Luciferian satanic cult.โ€ In Scotty’s view, we’ve been brainwashed by mainstream narratives, but Scotty’s sources claim the military is quietly taking control to remove Biden and reveal the truth.

Scotty describes an apparent executive order signed by Trump in his final days in office, leaving the military in charge, and leading to two factions battling for power. He believes the “White Hats” recognize Trump as the actual president and aim to expose the Deep State’s supposed crimes, including stolen elections, 9/11, JFK, and more via an Emergency Broadcast System.

Scotty recounts alleged eyewitness evidence of rampant pedophilia, citing his work with James Brown’s band. He argues Biden is just an “actor” under Obama’s supposed control, in his opinion, heading us toward a one-world government of central bank digital currency and WHO totalitarian health control.

Brian emphasizes keeping an open yet questioning mindset, rather than blindly believing or dismissing conspiracies outright. He observes people bravely engaging in once-taboo discussions, moving past the narrow Overton window of allowable opinion. Brian encourages listeners to tune in and engage with unconventional perspectives while maintaining a healthy skepticism. According to him, we must avoid remaining distracted and complacent, and instead carefully consider claims like Scotty’s, even if we don’t ultimately agree with everything presented.

Scotty concludes by urging local action and getting involved in city councils, county boards, and sheriff races to take back control. With elites supposedly captured at every level, change starts in our own backyards, he says. And while his shocking interview may alarm some listeners, we emerge with new perspectives, even if we don’t agree with everything said. Knowledge is power as we strive to reclaim America.

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