BNS 765: JAB or JOB? – Your Legal Rights Against Forced Vaccination at Work

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Were you pressured by your employer to take the jab? Did you lose your job for refusing the jab? Attorney Ben Carlisle returns to The Brian Nichols Show to reveal your legal rights and options if your employer-mandated the vaccine – revealing the recourse you have if injured or fired over the jab. Get informed on your legal rights as an employee impacted by workplace vaccine coercion in this hard-hitting discussion.

Brian and Ben expose the illusion of choice many employees faced when pressured to take the COVID shot. With families dependent on their jobs, workers felt compelled to comply despite hesitations. Yet Ben explains how collectively resisting could prevent forced mandates in the future. This lively discussion delivers uncensored truth on the wins, losses and realities facing employees impacted by employer vaccine mandates.

You’ll learn the key differences between injury claims for mandated versus incentivized employees, why healthcare workers hold power through united opposition, whether wrongful termination lawsuits have worked, and what to do if misled by vaccine incentives. If you are one of the countless people dealing with consequences of employer vaccine mandates, do not miss this must-listen episode.

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Join attorney Ben Carlisle in this riveting discussion lifting the veil on employer vaccine mandates. From coercion to cover-ups, no stone is left unturned.

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