BHOL 313: Jimmy Buffett; Retire on 100k? Hurricane Coming? Am I the BHOL?

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Episode 313 of Boss Hog of Liberty is out!

Jeremiah Morrell and Daktoa Davis are your hosts, Zach Burcham is your producer. It’s a free wheeling, rapid paced episode. It was a rough weekend to be a musician, we explore what you are allowed to drive on the road. Lawn mowers seem problematic. What’s the difference between a silver alert and an amber alert? Can you retire on $100,000? It’s hurricane season, and from North Carolina to Nova Scotia it may be in the path…Just before Jeremiah jumps on a cruise ship. We wrap the show up with a segment of “Am I the BHOL?”, a game show hosted by Zach, and Jeremiah and Dakota are the guests.

Something different…Rapid Fire. Enjoy a different side of Boss Hog!

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