BNS 74: A Disabled Libertarian’s Case For Gun Ownership with Caleb Shumate

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Man, I sure missed you all last week while I was on vacation! But thankfully, we’re back on track with our regularly scheduled programming, as this week I am joined by Caleb Shumate!

Caleb is a passionate advocate for liberty and storyteller with a deep appreciation of history. Today he joins the show to discuss one of his more recent articles over at The Libertarian Republic- “Colt Made Me Equal”: A Disabled Libertarian’s Case For Gun Ownership.

Listen as Caleb explains the importance of gun ownership, especially for those individuals who may be at a physical disadvantage when compared to those who might seek to cause them harm. We also touch on Caleb’s experience as someone with cerebral palsy and how despite his physical limitations, he has found himself rejecting the concepts of government handouts and has embraced libertarianism and constitutional conservatism.

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