BNS 736: The Gold New Deal – Mike ter Maat’s Libertarian Vision & Presidential Aspirations

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Discover how Mike ter Maat, a Libertarian candidate for the 2024 presidential election, is revolutionizing American politics in this captivating episode of The Brian Nichols Show. Ter Maat firmly believes that the Libertarian Party provides a compelling alternative to the stagnant two-party system. His vision extends beyond winning the election; he aims to inspire a new generation of libertarian voters and thinkers.

In this thought-provoking conversation, Ter Maat echos host Brian Nichols’ mantra of meeting people where they’re at, focusing on the issues they genuinely care about, rather than engaging in fruitless arguments. He sheds light on the growing sense of authoritarianism in the United States, pointing out how the two major parties incessantly fight against each other, leaving little room for progress.

Ter Maat advocates for a bold strategy to ensure the Libertarian Party’s impact in the upcoming presidential cycle. By committing to the edgiest platform possible, he aims to distinguish the party from its counterparts. He vehemently opposes military intervention and passionately promotes fiscal conservatism. Additionally, he advocates for criminal justice reform and highlights the importance of market forces in the policing industry. Ter Maat’s platform, the Gold New Deal, seeks to reduce government spending, eliminate the national debt, and foster economic growth through the implementation of a gold-backed currency and free market principles.

With conviction, Ter Maat argues against Social Security, deeming it unethical to subject future generations to a system that offers, at best, a meager rate of return. He firmly believes that the federal government has no ethical or logical role in this business, and it is crucial to communicate this truth to the American people, as no one else will. He encourages voters to align with their principles and support the party that best represents their values.

When it comes to messaging, Ter Maat emphasizes the importance of appealing to undecided voters whose values align with libertarianism. He acknowledges the concerning presence of individuals who blindly follow instructions, regardless of their political affiliation. Nevertheless, he stresses the need to reach out to like-minded individuals and use language that resonates with them. Ter Maat encourages frustrated voters to engage in the political system in a manner consistent with their values, emphasizing that every vote counts. He also emphasizes the significance of speaking truth, even when it is uncomfortable or unpopular, and warns against distorting libertarian messaging to conform to certain demographics’ beliefs, as this can have dire consequences.

Join Brian Nichols in this compelling episode as he delves deep into Mike ter Maat’s vision for a Libertarian America. Gain valuable insights, challenge the status quo, and explore the possibilities of a truly alternative political future. Subscribe now and be part of the conversation!

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