BNS 732: From Pulpit to Podium – Pastor Brian Gibson’s Political Mastery for Faithful Victory

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Get ready for an explosive episode as Pastor Brian Gibson shares his awe-inspiring journey of organizing 5000 churches to combat government tyranny during the COVID pandemic. Join host Brian Nichols as he delves into the powerful strategies of using sales and marketing in politics, meeting people where they’re at, and safeguarding religious liberty protected by the First Amendment.

Prepare to be captivated by the profound impact of the pandemic and the relentless woke agenda challenging biblical principles. Experience Pastor Gibson’s unwavering determination as he fearlessly fights against it, advocating the Bible as the ultimate solution. Gain unique insights into the influence of church attendance on conservative voting patterns and why parents should protect their children from the failing government school system.

Discover Pastor Gibson’s game-changing strategy to win local school boards and counter the Marxist agenda infiltrating our educational institutions. Unravel the truth behind separating your children from these broken systems and explore the invaluable teachings of his book, “Love Handles”, which empowers families to honor one another and embrace biblical principles.

Join the thought-provoking discussion on a potential third-great awakening, urging a return to personal redemption and community values. Embrace the significance of local involvement and the preservation of our cherished religious freedoms. Stay connected with Pastor Brian Gibson and support independent media platforms that bravely expose the truth.

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