BNS 700: Bringing Calvin Coolidge Back to Life with AI

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Are you looking for a fun and educational book to teach your children about American history? Look no further than “Calvin the Coolest President,” the new children’s book written by Austin and Stephanie Petersen. Join Brian Nichols as he interviews the couple about their new book and how it can inspire young minds.

As a married couple with a shared passion for limited government and freedom, Austin and Stephanie Petersen have been working hard to spread the message of liberty. From Austin’s Libertarian presidential campaign in 2015 to their current work with and their new children’s book, the Petersens are dedicated to creating value in the libertarian movement.

Their new book, “Calvin the Coolest President,” is a fun and educational way to teach children about American history. Based on the life of Calvin Coolidge, the book is generated using ChatGPT and contains factual information about the former president. The illustrations in the book were created using an AI tool called MidJourney, which gives a unique depiction of Coolidge.

The Petersens hope that their book will help parents and educators educate children on the importance of American history and inspire young minds to learn more. As Austin explains, “We want to create something that not only teaches children about American history but also inspires them to want to learn more and be curious about the world around them.”

Join Brian Nichols as he talks to Austin and Stephanie Petersen about their new children’s book and how it can be a valuable tool in teaching young minds about American history. Don’t miss this episode of The Brian Nichols Show and be sure to grab a copy of “Calvin the Coolest President” for the young readers in your life.

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