BNS 663: The Media’s War on Truth – How to Spot Propaganda and Censorship

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Join host Brian Nichols on this explosive episode of The Brian Nichols Show as he sits down with guest Tony Brasunas, a former corporate media insider, to discuss the shocking truth about the media’s role in dividing Americans. 

Tony, who is currently writing a book about his experiences called “Red, White and Blind“, shares his personal story of being terminated from Huffington Post for advocating for Bernie Sanders during the 2016 Democratic primary. In this episode, Tony delves into his book, which exposes the censorship and deception in the media and how it affects everyone, not just one side of the political spectrum. He also provides specific examples of censorship in recent events such as the Jeffrey Epstein case, the origin of the Coronavirus, the Hunter Biden laptop story, and the Russian bounties story. 

Later, Brian and Tony share their final thoughts and discuss the importance of media consciousness and balancing one’s media diet to see different sides of issues. Don’t miss this eye-opening episode of The Brian Nichols Show as we uncover the truth behind the corporate media’s manipulation of news narratives.

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