BNS 630: Selling Libertarianism at the Thanksgiving Dinner Table

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Do you have family members who believe in big government, who think that taxes are good and that they’re paying into a system that helps everyone? How do you convince them otherwise? Do you try to educate them on all the ways that government harms people through its programs and policies, or do you just tell them about how it’s stealing from them?

On today’s episode, I’m heading over to Dan “Taxation is Theft” Behrman’s aptly named podcast, “Taxation is Theft” from back in 2020. The topic we discussed fits perfectly with everyone likely sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow – how do we sell liberty to those outside of our bubble?

We talked about some tactics for convincing people outside of our bubble – but let’s get real: most of us don’t have time for an hour-long conversation about politics at Thanksgiving. What can we do when faced with these conversations as quickly as possible? We’ve got some tips for that too!

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