BNS 574: 4 EFFECTIVE Sales Pitches from 4 Former Presidents

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In today’s episode, I’m walking through 4 speeches/ads from 4 past presidents and outlining why they worked and what we can learn from them.

I want to start by saying that when you’re trying to sell something, there’s a lot of different ways you could go about it: You could be like Ronald Reagan’s 1984 “Morning in America” ad that was so effective at selling America on Reagan’s vision that it helped him win reelection in an absolute landslide. You could be like Bill Clinton in 1992 and appeal to their sense of patriotism and vision. Or you could be like Barack Obama in 2008 and use a personal narrative to draw people in and a sense of a unifying message. Or one like Donald Trump in 2016 who helped draw contrast to the pain the customer already knows versus a better future. (And if you want to see all four of these things done well, check out my video “4 EFFECTIVE Sales Pitches From 4 Former Presidents.”)

But the thing that makes these speeches/ads so effective isn’t just their delivery—it’s also the way they frame their messages in terms of deeper themes or values that resonate with people across demographics.

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