BNS 57: Ask a Democratic Socialist with Keith Rubino

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Boy oh boy are you in store for a fiery (yet fun) conversation. Today I am joined by friend of the show (and former New York State Assembly Candidate) Keith Rubino!

Now, I’m sure most of you will remember when Keith joined us last year to discuss his candidacy as a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist”. Keith came on the show knowing full well that this was a libertarian podcast with a libertarian audience. But that didn’t deter him in the slightest. Keith came on the show, took the tough questions, and gave the audience and genuine look into the mind of our political foils.

Keith’s last episode went over so well, from both libertarians AND democratic socialists alike, that I wanted to have him on once again to have an “Ask the Democratic Socialist” segment where my audience could submit questions that they have regarding democratic socialism for Keith. And my goodness, you guys sent me TONS of questions for Keith.

Now, I didn’t get the chance to ask all of your questions, and frankly, there were quite a few questions I had to weed out (“How does one advocate for theft so openly?” was one of my personal favorites), but never fear, this is likely to be “PART 1” of my “Ask a Democratic Socialist” series with Keith.

Keith and I had a lively, at times fiery, but overall fun conversation. I feel that you will walk away from this episode, much like Keith and I did, feeling that you understand where the other side comes from more clearly.

Definitely an episode that educates, enlightens, and informs!


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