BNS 56: The Tragedy in Venezuela- with Hillary Andaluz Aguilar

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Last week, we were joined by Lily Tang Williams, as she discussed her growing up under Mao’s Communist China years and years ago… Today, we are joined by Hillary Andaluz Aguilar, who grew up in Venezuela through both the Socialist Chavez and Maduro regimes. With the Tragedy of Venezuela taking place right before our eyes, Hillary gives personal insight into what built up to the horrible conditions witnessed in Venezuela today.

Listen as Hillary explains how Chavez and the concepts of socialism took control of Venezuela through the use of divisiveness, cause by building resentment between the differing wage classes. Later, Hillary discusses the deteriorating of the Venezuelan economy caused by the socialist policies of Chavez, the death of Chavez, and the new rule under Maduro. Finally, we conclude by discussing what those in favor of socialism today should learn from the failed socialist policies in Venezuela so that we never fall in the same way as Venezuela has.

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