BHOL 100! Valentines Special – 100th Episode – Vaccinations?

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The Milestone Episode is here! Episode 100!

Valentines special! Jeremiah and Dakota are joined by their brides, Sara and Audrey! Sara plays bartender and has a custom cocktail for each host. Patreon members were here to celebrate. Kristi Avery and Nancy Dietz stopped by for a champagne toast! Chris Guffey makes it all sound good!

It sounds like the government is staying open. The magic formula was just a little more spending. National debt has reached 22 Trillion. Chris Guffey thinks that Mitch McConnell is a badass.

News out of Ohio, a 18 year old had turned against his mom and got vaccinated. We went down the rabbit hole. We don’t know if we found the other side.

BIG news locally. Local businessman John Montgomery has announced that he plans to open a hotel next to his steak house. Plenty of excitement to have a name brand hotel in the community.

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