BNS 544: Is Joe Biden 2024 Already TOAST? – Why do a Majority of Democrats NOT Want Biden to Run Again?

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A new poll from the New York Times revealed that a whopping 64% of Democratic voters don’t want Joe Biden to run again in 2024.

Oh, and even better – his overall approval rating has just dropped to 33%.

The results of the NYT/Siena College poll also found that only 13% of Americans believe the country is heading on the right track.

Of those who said they planned to vote in the 2024 Democratic primary and preferred a candidate other than Biden, 33% cited the president’s age as the most important reason, followed by his job performance at 32% and 12% simply just wanting someone new.

So, where does that leave Joe Biden for 2024? Heck, where does that leave the Democrats?

I break down what the Democrats might do (*Hillary Clinton has entered the chat*) on today’s episode!

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