BNS 536: Proud To Be an American – Why Libertarians & Conservatives Need to Be Unashamedly America First

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With July 4th approaching closely, Americans look to their inner patriot to reflect on why they are proud to be an American in celebrating our independence from Great Britain.

With most excited about spending the holiday with friends, family, and colleagues, it is hard to deny that this is the most patriotic day of the year.

In the past few months, however, many on the left have questioned why any American should be proud of their country with the state it’s currently in, reflecting on the Uvalde massacre and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade.

It seems as if progressives will look for any reason they can to despise the country that has given them everything while attempting to make conservatives feel guilty for their belief systems being the reason

The United States is on the decline in their eyes. Unfortunately, this is no surprise, but conservatives must finally embrace the hate and be proud of their values.

Kenny Cody returns to the program to discuss all this and more on our July 4th Special!

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