BNS 529: Don’t Be Fooled – Colorado Governor Jared Polis is No Moderate or Libertarian (ANALYSIS)

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Gov. Jared Polis (D-Colorado) has often been cited by libertarians as being “one of the most libertarian governors in the country”. A personal friend of former Libertarian Congressman Justin Amash and frequent guest on various libertarian outlets (like Reason), Polis has filtered with Libertarians for years.

But does his governance in Colorado actually hold up to his supposed libertarian bona fides?

Today, we dig through an article written by Joshua Sharf (Newsweek) who gives his not-so-rosy take on Gov. Polis’ supposed libertarian leanings.

“In the last month or so, the Colorado governor’s publicity people have been busy. Polis has written an op-ed in the Washington Post defending charter schools. Libertarian journalist Nick Gillespie recorded a glowing podcast profile for Reason. There was a holiday weekend puff piece in The Hill. And this Monday, the Wall Street Journal praised Polis for standing up to the climate lobby.

All of these pieces have one aim: to make the progressive Democratic governor look as though he’s not all that progressiveā€”indeed, maybe he’s a moderate or even a liberal with libertarian leanings, who’ll keep the government off your back. I frequently hear out-of-state conservatives, hopeful for someone to pull the Democrats back from their current woke insanity, offer this description as their impression of Polis.

Those of us who’ve seen his governance here in Colorado up close and personal know better.”

Article Discussed on Today’s Episode:

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