BNS 525: Messaging Matters – Why Libertarians Have Continued to Lose the Battle for Hearts & Minds (feat. Brian Nichols)

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We’ve been focusing on messaging here on the program for a number of years, so I thought it good to bring back up the importance of messaging and why effective messaging has been one of the areas we libertarians have been failing the most.

“Once we start to build this case that libertarian solutions work, then more and more people just by the virtue of seeing it work, the market is going to show, hey, this alternative way of doing things works, and all of a sudden, more people will start to gravitate that way.

We see it in the marketplace right now. And I believe it will be an inevitable reaction as well when people start to see it working within their own communities. And going back to the whole emotions versus logic and reason.

Isn’t it wild?

When you hear folks like Ben Shapiro, who will say very adamantly, that facts don’t care about your feelings? I mean, sure, facts don’t care about your feelings, but feelings sell. And that’s where we’re losing the battle. It’s the battle on actually appealing to people’s feelings, and appealing to people’s emotions.”

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