BNS 49: Stop Making Fun of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Fourth Branch of Government with John Chang

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Today I am joined by a familiar voice of The Brian Nichols Show, John Chang from Otters Talking Politics! You likely recognize John’s voice from the intro of The Brian Nichols Show, but John also hosts a phenomenal libertarian podcast called Otters Talking Politics. I had the pleasure of joining John on his show back in the summer, and it was my pleasure to have John join The Brian Nichols Show to discuss some stuff he has been working on behind the scenes.

Listen as John and I discuss his path to libertarianism (surprisingly, John started on the political left!), his fantastic article entitled “The Fourth Branch of Government”, and then as we conclude by discussing my viral article from the beginning of the month over at The Libertarian Republic; “Stop Making Fun of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez!”.

And yes, to the last topic… it helps if you read past the headline!

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