BNS 489: It Didn’t Have To Be This Way: How a Crumbling Economy Will Cause More Death than COVID-19 (from April 2020)

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*Today’s episode comes from April 2020, when economist Dan Mitchell joined the program and outlined exactly what would transpire (and ultimately has transpired) over the past two years of COVID mandates and lockdowns.*


As weeks go by with the economy stuck on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many economists are starting to sound the alarm that the impact of our economy screeching to a halt could cause as much, if not more long-term death and prolonged hardship than the virus itself.

Dan J. Mitchell, a libertarian economist with a Ph.D. in Economics from George Mason University and founder for the Center for American Prosperity is amongst those economists raising his voice in concern. Mitchell joins The Brian Nichols Show today to discuss one of his more recent articles that discusses that very concern, titled, “The Temporary Tradeoff Between Health Outcomes and Economic Outcomes”.

Listen as we discuss his article and then dig deeper into the dangers of a stagnant economy as it pertains to both the economic and physical health of the nation and more!

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Dan’s Article, “The Temporary Tradeoff Between Health Outcomes and Economic Outcomes”:

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