BNS 485: Theory of Constraints Economics: Reality, Freedom and Progress (w/ Jorge Gonzalez Moore)

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On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show, I’m joined by Jorge Gonzalez Moore (Author of Theory of Constraints Economics: Reality, Freedom and Progress) where discuss solutions available to solve our societal and economic woes:

“And this is a thing in theory constraints… As you have a system and you need to understand the system. What you want to understand is, what is the core problem, or the constraints of the system.

And all the rest are just undesirable effects of that a fundamental constraint, or fundamental core problem. Okay, let’s start listing all the undesirable effects that we see in our daily life dealing with economics.

And so the starting point is to list those sets of symptoms. And then, well, the end result, if we’re able to find the causality between each of those symptoms, should be the core problem.

And that’s where we need to focus everyone to find a solution. 


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