BNS 472: How Web3 is Inspiring a Cultural Revolution? (with Nick Beato from Blackchip DAO)

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On today’s episode of The Brian Nichols Show with Nick Beato from Blackchip DAO:

“There’s a massive cultural revolution occurring. We’re transitioning from these centralized traditional hierarchy, government structures, these voting mechanisms that, there’s only a couple of decision-makers in some of these big businesses.

And it impacts all of us. So we’re transitioning, and we’ve been hurt before we’ve been lied to before. Centralized authority is, they’re bound by, microeconomic variables. Whereas, when you create this pure democratic structure that is a DAO, that’s – that’s incredibly trustless – it’s the only structure that allows for people, complete strangers who have never met, that come from all walks of life to communicate and contribute to satisfy a particular mission.

And you know, we’re talking about a structure here that allows for everyone to have a voice… you can make proposals to the community, and you could vote on those proposals. And everyone’s equal. And I think it’s an incredibly, incredibly new concept for people.”

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