BNS 468: Upending Outdated Approaches to Medical Research & Enabling Universal Access to Medical Care with the CURE Chain (with Jim Nasr & Jacob Beckley)

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Jacob Beckley joined us on the program recently to discuss how his organization, The Beckley Foundation, is leading the fight against pediatric cancer by utilizing the CURE token.

This revolutionary way of funding healthcare has changed the way research is funded.

Well, today, Jacob returns to the program, but this time, he brings a friend… Jim Nasr, tech innovator and CEO of Acoer, which is an award-winning tech firm specializing in user-friendly blockchain development.

Today, they help outline the technical structuring and architecture of the CURE Chain.

“Supporting childhood cancer research, patients and their families is a compassionate effort, and I’m pleased we are able to make even a small difference”, says Beckley, “but it’s the tip of an iceberg fraught with underlying problems in an industry disinterested in change”. He goes on to describe two fundamental healthcare industry problems at opposite ends of the delivery system.

“Researchers need to share data, every day, real-time, in an anonymous, secure system. COVID vaccines are an example of the speed and acuity that can be brought to bear through real-time collaboration. That same process needs to be replicated every day, in every way, on every research project. By the time professional papers are published and peer-reviewed, it’s already old news”. At the other end of the spectrum Beckley talks about his primary goal: patient access. “

All the medical research, innovation and development in the world is worthless if patients are unable to access it due to economics or geography. Healthcare access should not be limited to the wealthy, the insured, or the geographically well located. Healing is for everyone.”

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