BNS 411: THROWBACK: Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza by Julie Borowski (October 2019)

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This THROWBACK episode features Julie Borowski discussing her awesome kids book, “Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza”.

This book will make a great Christmas present for any littler liberty-lover in your life!


Did you know that nobody knows how to make a pizza?

Wait, you disagree?

Okay, let’s try this- Did you know there’s not a single person on Earth who has the skills and knowledge to make something as deceptively simple as a cheese pizza? As a matter of fact, it takes millions of people, all with specialized skills – and what’s more, there are no central planners or people managing the process. So how do they do it?

That’s the premise of the new children’s book, “Nobody Knows How to Make a Pizza” by Julie Borowski! Listen as Julie joins the show to discuss her book to the liberty-loving audience of The Brian Nichols Show!

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