BNS 389: We Need to Stop Looking at Politics as a Hobby -with Marc Clair

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Marc Clair: “I think that, in many ways, politics was like still like a hobby. To me, it was just a fun thing to talk about. Now, I can go to Libertarian Party conventions and hang out with like-minded people, and we can go party afterwards to hang out on Bourbon Street, we can make jokes about Mises and Rothbard. And we all get it and it’s not weird. It’s fun people you can get along with.

And that’s kind of like how I took it… and the candidates who run in the LP… we know they’re not going to win. And they know, they come on my show, and I invite them on, they tell me, they’re not going to win. And we all agree they’re not going to win. And it’s all fun, it’s all well and good.

But now, after the last year, this isn’t a game anymore. This is actually affecting everybody’s life now. No one can really say they’re not affected by this stuff at this point.”

Marc Clair from the amazing Lions of Liberty returns to the program discuss his focus on personal development, time spent in politics, and addressing the fact that politics aren’t a game anymore.

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